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Councillor Vacancy Notice August 2022

Register of Councillors' Interests (link to East Suffolk Council)


Berl Goldbart - Blyford


Robert Bucknell - Blyford Contact Clerk
Barry Martin - Sotherton Contact Clerk
Rosemary Parry - Sotherton email
Lou Sharman - Blyford Contact Clerk
Gerard Walker - Chairman - Sotherton email
Alison Cackett - Blyford  Contact Clerk

Clerk:  Ann Donnachie, Aisling, Church Hill, Westhall, Suffolk, IP19 8NU

Tel: 01502 575338

email the Clerk:  clerkblyfordandsothertonpc@gmail.com


Meeting dates for 2024 - Bi-monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month in Wenhaston Village Hall at 6.30 pm

15th January

18th March

20th May

15th July

16th September

18th November